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[netCDF #NPZ-174585]: Problems with netcdf fortran


I'm not certain that you need to have the exact same compiler version to link 
against netcdf.mod; rather, I believe that if your program is failing to 
find/link against netcdf.mod, a compiler mismatch may be one of several 

Do you happen to have the `config.log` file generated when you run 'configure'? 
 That will contain additional information we can try to use to diagnose the 


> Hi,
> I installed netcdf-fortran==4.6.1 with conda and I tried to use it to read a 
> file just to make sure everything was ok, but I seem to have a problem when 
> compling my code. What I read is that we have to compile the program and link 
> it to the 'netcdf.mod'. It tried to do this, but the 'netcdf.mod' file can't 
> be found. I found a website explaining that this comes from the fact that  
> 'netcdf.mod' and my code have to be compiled using the exact same version of 
> the compiler. I checked and the compiler I'm trying to use is indeed 
> different from the one used to compile netcdf.mod . How should I solve this 
> problem?
> I suppose I could:
> *   Recompile all existing files with the compiler I'm trying to use... 
> however, I haven't been able to find the source codes
> *   A better thing to do would be to use the same compiler that was already 
> used, but I don't know how to get it?
> I thought using conda took into account all compatibility issues....
> Maybe you have a yml file that we could use to install the right versions of 
> all the needed libraries  to create a correct environment using conda? That 
> would be so helpful!!!
> Also, it would be great to have a detailed document, from installation (I'm 
> not the only one having trouble with that) to some simple codes to illustrate 
> the use of netcdf fortran.
> I hope you can help me.
> Thank you for everything.
> Have a nice day,
> Citlali Cabrera
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