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[netCDF #YBK-688175]: netCDF4.3.3 configure can't find hdf5 lib


Thank you for providing the config.log file generated when you ran 'config'.  
Are you running configure using 'sudo'? I am curious, because I see the 
following in the config.log file:


This tells me that for some reason, the environmental variables you are setting 
are not persisting.  As a result, `configure` is not searching the appropriate 
locations.  This can happen if 'sudo' is used.  If you are not using sudo, I 
would try setting the environmental variables again and then checking them by 
running the `env` command before running `configure`.  

Try this and let me know if it continues to give the same error.

Thanks, I hope this helps,


> Full Name: Arslaan Khalid
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: George Mason University
> Package Version: netcdf-4.3.2
> Operating System: Linux  16.04.4 LTS
> Hardware:
> Description of problem: Hi All,
> I went through the email threads posted on the web but it didn't solve the 
> problem.So I have posting the error message here I have been trying to 
> download netcdf and it required hdf5 to be installed before. I successfully 
> installed the hdf5 (as it didnot threw an error).
> However when I tried installing the netcdf , it is not throwing the following 
> error
> checking for library containing H5Fflush... no
> configure: error: Can't find or link to the hdf5 library. Use 
> --disable-netcdf-4, or see config.log for errors.
> I have used the following commands
> export CPPFLAGS=-I/apps/CHAMPS/local/hdf5-1.8.13/include
> export LDFLAGS=-L/apps/CHAMPS/local/hdf5-1.8.13/lib
> ./configure --prefix=/apps/CHAMPS/local/netcdf-4.3.3
> Can you please guide me?

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