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[netCDFJava #TKH-769773]: Problems with trajectory file

Hi Jeff,

So it looks like the SimpleTrajectory xml file was accidentally removed. I'll
get a fix in for this ASAP, as well as a smoke test, so that it won't happen 
again. For now, you can grab a copy of the xml file here:


and include it in your packaging. The other things I had added to support
reading that file are still there, so all you need is to include that xml file.

Sorry about that,


> Hi guys,
> I'm having problems opening a trajectory file (attached) in ramadda. I am
> getting the error:
> Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException:
> resources/nj22/pointConfig/SimpleTrajectory.xml
> at
> ucar.nc2.ft.point.standard.PointConfigXML.readConfigXMLfromResource(PointConfigXML.java:297)
> at
> ucar.nc2.ft.point.standard.plug.SimpleTrajectory.getConfig(SimpleTrajectory.java:128)
> I am using the latest 4.x release of the thredds.war. What I've always done
> is unjar all of the jars in the war, get rid of some extra jars, then jar
> it all up into one big ramaddatds.jar which I then link into ramadda.
> Listing out the resources dir after unjarring thredds.war I get:
> mac:ls WEB-INF/classes/resources/nj22/pointConfig/
> ACARS.xml        Cosmic2.xml        FslRaob14.xml        Jason2.xml
> BuoyShipSynop.xml    Cosmic3.xml        FslRassProfiler.xml    Nldn.xml
> Cosmic1.xml        FslRaob13.xml        FslWindProfiler.xml    Suomi.xml
> Is the SimpleTrajectory.xml file not getting included in the release?
> Am I screwing something up with my repackaging?
> This used to work because it turns out I used to pick up the ucar.nc2
> classes from the Tika release (which contains a ton of stuff). When I am
> linking in the ucar.nc2 classes coming from thredds.war I get the error
> Thanks
> Jeff

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