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[netCDF #ISA-863293]: Behaviour of nc_def_var_deflate

Also, as an experiment, you might try applying the zip command
to the whole file and see what kind of size reduction you get.

> Hello Dinesh,
> Currently, compression is passed to the 'zlib' library, which handles 
> compression.  What sort of compression ratio are you getting?  It's entirely 
> possible that the data you're working with does not lend itself to 
> compression.  You might try writing a dataset of the same size using the same 
> value for the variable across the grid.  This should lend itself very well to 
> compression, and I would expect to see a better compression ratio.  It will 
> certainly establish a 'best possible case' for what can be expected via 
> compression.
> I hope this helps, have a great day!
> -Ward
> > Hi everyone,
> > I am developing an application using NetCDF library to read/write NetCDF
> > files. I am using version of the library.
> >
> > I am trying to understand how the NetCDF variables are being compressed.
> >
> > I am creating a NetCDF4 file with a variable having dimensions 10000x20000
> > and datatype uint16. This is about ~381 MB.
> >
> > When I create the variable, I set the Deflate level to 5. So, when I write
> > data to the entire variable, I expect the resulting file size to be much
> > smaller than 381MB. However, this does not appear to be the case.
> >
> > Am I missing something or is this because the data I am is not very
> > correlated for the compression to do a good job?
> >
> > Dinesh
> >
> >

=Dennis Heimbigner

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