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[netCDF #FVX-268880]: Help requested with building NetCDF on Windows, specifically producing .c files from .m4 in Windows

Hello Andy,

Regarding the lack of the test_get.c, etc, in rc2, that was a bug.  It should 
have been fixed in rc3 and 4.5.0 full release, coming out (hopefully) today.  

Regarding m4 on Windows: Windows support was only added around 5 years ago, and 
netCDF has been around since the late 80's.  The m4 tool was already entrenched 
in netCDF, and it would be a large undertaking to remove it.  We could add the 
generated files to version control, but that runs counter to standard/best 
practices with GitHub, and is messy since we work on a number of different 
platforms.  The generated files are, I've found, sometimes very platform 

You can download the m4 executable for Windows here:

* https://www.gnu.org/software/m4/m4.html

This is what I use.  As long as it is in your system path, cmake should find it 
just fine.  Alternatively, you could install the MSYS shell; unlike cygwin, it 
does not install a *nix subsystem, but it does provide common linux tools (like 
m4 and bash) for use in a Windows environment.

I hope this helps,


> Hi,
> I have been in correspondence with unidata previously on this. I am
> trying to build the NetCDF library on the Windows environment from the
> online NetCDF repository.
> We are using CMake in order to try and build the NetCDF library that
> will produce the .vcxproj files that will be used in Visual Studio to
> build NetCDF.
> The problem is that the NetCDF CMake build process uses m4 for which there
> is no good source of this library in Windows. m4 is used for generating
> the .c files.
> In my previous correspondence it was suggested that we try the branch
> 'v4.5.0-rc2-prep'. This does solve the top problem with putget.m4 with a
> file included in this branch called putget.c. However this doesn't solve
> the problem of nc_test/test_get.m4 for which there is no equivalent .c
> file in this branch.
> Could you please tell us the method you use to generate the .c file
> from the .m4 file for use in Windows, so that we may generate the .c
> for test_get.m4 and any further files that need to be generated from
> the .m4 format.
> This is acting as a real blocker for us, as we need to build a Windows
> version of our application which uses NetCDF, and this will need to be
> solved in one way or another. This is for building the Windows application
> that runs in our project 'climateprediction.net', this is hosted in the
> UK and is used by many climate scientists worldwide for running climate
> simulations, including in the US.
> With regards,
> Andy Bowery
> Oxford e-Research Centre
> University of Oxford
> 7 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG
> www.oerc.ox.ac.uk

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