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[netCDF #GUU-420054]: Getting Corrupt or Old Module file ./netcdf.mod error code

Good morning Hiro,

I am not certain what is going on regarding the behavior you are observing with 
the module file.  I do not have experience with the PGI fortran compiler, but 
since you have tried gfortran on a different system it does not appear to 
compiler specific.  Is it possible that there is a second, older netcdf.mod 
file installed on the system? Possibly in /usr/include or /usr/local/include?

Regarding --has-f90; if --has-f03 returns yes, you can ignore the result of 
--has-f90; f03=yes implies f90 functionality as well.  This is unclear and a 
fix is in the works.  If both --has-f90 and --has-f03 say no, then it is fairly 
clear that there is a larger problem going on, and I would bet that there is a 
second, older install somewhere.  If --has-f03 returns yes, then you should be 
ok on this front.

I only have access to gfortran; can you provide the config.log you generated 
when configuring on the gfortran system?  I will work to recreate this on my 
end as well, although at a glance everything is working without issue on our 
test systems.  Let me know if you determine there is an older version of 
netcdf.mod present on the system, as well.

Thanks, I hope this helps, Go Rams!


> Full Name: Hiro Gosden
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Colorado State University
> Package Version: netcdf-fortran-4.4.4
> Operating System: CentOS 6.9
> Hardware: 64bit
> Description of problem: I've searched through the UNIDATA support database, 
> but have not been able to find a definitive solution for this particular 
> issue, so I'm submitting a new support request.
> I've followed the netCDF installation documentation to install netCDF using 
> pgf90 compiler. The FORTRAN77 code compiles fine, but FORTRAN90 code fails, 
> and I get the following error message: "Corrupt or Old Module file 
> ./netcdf.mod."
> I used the gfortran compiler to install netCDF on a different system. And 
> when I compile the FORTRAN 90 code, I get the following error message, "File 
> 'netcdf.mod' opened at (1) is not a GNU Fortran module file."
> In both cases, the netcdf.mod does exist in the 
> /usr/local/netcdf-fortran-4.4.4/include/ directory with the installation 
> time-stamp that matches the date the netCDF was installed. However, this 
> netcdf.mod file has the same exact file size as the netcdf.mod file in the 
> /usr/local/src/NETCDF/netcdf-fortran-4.4.4/fortran/ directory where I staged 
> my installation files. Also, when I type "nc-config --all" the flag 
> "--has-f90" indicates a "no". One of the older support tickets from 2015 
> indicated that there might be a bug that indicates the incorrect indication 
> for the flag "--has-f90," not sure if this might still be the case?
> My questions are these:
> If the "--has-f90" flag is correct, how do I enable f90 during my 
> installation?
> And should the file size of netcdf.mod file in the "installed" directory 
> differ from the netcdf.mod file in the "source" directory?
> I've included the config.log file from the installation that was performed 
> using the pgf90 compiler. The config.log file does not show this, but my 
> compiler flags to run the configure script looks like this:
> FC=/usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/14.3/bin/pgf90 
> F77=/usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/14.3/bin/pgf90 
> F90=/usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/14.3/bin/pgf90  ./configure 
> --prefix=/usr/local/netcdf-fortran-4.4.4 LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/hdf5-1.8.16/lib 
> LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/netcdf- 
> CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/hdf5-1.8.16/include 
> CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/netcdf-
> Thanks,
> Hiro

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