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[netCDF #QYC-628947]: NF90_GET_VAR not working with user defined type variable


In order to read data stored in a compound type, you must use 
`NF90_INQ_COMPOUND` to learn about the compound data structure.  The user guide 
for netCDF-Fortran NF90 may be found here:


I hope this helps,


> Dear Lady or Sir
> I would appreciate if you could tell me how to read data from nc files
> with netCDF-4 format using F90.
> The Fortran library function NF90_GET_VAR works well with integer or
> real arrays, but it can not compile if I want to read a compound user
> defined type variable
> (as for example, sst on a MODIS nc file with netcdf-4 format).
> Please let me know what may your services suggest as an alternative to
> that F90 library function ?
> I thank you for the kindness of your attention.
> Kind regards
> Arlindo Arriaga, PhD
> Meteorology UW-Madison 1991

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