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[netCDF #FMU-553887]: nc-config fortran options

Hello Knut,

Both fflags/flibs and nf-config will continue to be supported.  nf-config is 
generated whenever the fortran library is built; if it is missing form 
pre-packaged installs on some systems, I am not sure why.  It does not reflect 
a decision on our part to stop supporting one or the other.  nc-config will 
invoke nf-config if it is found, to also provide fortran-specific information.

I hope this helps,


> Dear support,
> will the fortran options fflags and flibs be supported in the future, or
> is there really a need to switch to nf-config? We are developing fortran
> code and use nf-config, but several users report about old systems that
> do not provide nf-config. So far we suggested them to create a symbolic
> link nf-config=>nc-config, but maybe we can just use nc-config in our
> code(?)
> Thanks in advance and Best regards,
> Knut
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> Dr. rer. nat. Knut Klingbeil
> Dept. for Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation
> Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research
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> http://www.io-warnemuende.de/copps.html
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