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[netCDF #QEB-649105]: transformations


The NetCDF data format doesn't have any in-place/internal data transformation 
functionality similar to what you are looking for, unfortunately. You would 
need software to read the data from a NetCDF file and apply the transformation. 

Sorry I can't provide a more immediately helpful answer, have a great day,


> Dear support
> I have one question regarding netcdf4: netcdf4 provides an internal method
> to transform the parameter/ variables using a linear transformation. By
> providing a scale and offset one can transform a float into an integer,
> which clearly saves some storage
> This works fine for e.g. temperature which varies between 0 and say 400
> This works not so fine for specific humidity which has a large
> dynamical range (say 6 orders of magnitude). Can one define a variable
> transformation which is transparent to the user of the data, and will be
> applied when writing to the netcdf file and also which is automatically
> applied to the data when read?
> if yes could you point me to an example which educates me on the use
> of this
> thank you
> stephen
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