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[netCDF #WYE-962374]: netcdf-4.4.0 make check errors

Hello Dom,

My apologies for the delayed response; I have been out of the office.  I don't 
have a lot of experience with the Redhat Scientific Linux distribution, nor do 
I have access to the Intel C compiler suite, so it will be difficult for me to 
try to duplicate this error.  Can you provide the `config.log` generated when 
you ran configure?  This may provide some insight that we can use to try to 
diagnose the issue.

Thanks, have a great day, sorry again for the delayed response!


> Hi,
> on Redhat Scientific Linux System 7.2 with the Intel C compiler
> 15.0.4, I get the following error messages during 'Cmake check' in
> nc_test/test-suite.log:
> NetCDF: Numeric conversion not representable
> This occurs multiple times and always for operations of type:
> nc_get_*_schar
> nc_put_*_schar
> The system I am running is
> Linux XXXX 3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Feb 16 06:09:11 CST
> 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> and the 64bit version of the Intel Compilers is loaded. As far as I
> understand from my search on the internet, it has got to do with type
> conversions, but for schar variables this seems a bit strange to me.
> The tests in nc_test4 all run fine.
> This is my configure line:
> ./configure \
> --prefix=/âsomedirâ \
> --enable-dap \
> --enable-netcdf-4 \
> --enable-netcdf4 \
> --enable-pnetcdf \
> --enable-parallel-tests \
> --enable-shared \
> --enable-static 2>&1 | tee log.config
> make 2>&1 | tee log.make
> sed -i 's/mpiexec/srun -N 1/g' `grep -lRie 'mpiexec' *`
> make check 2>&1 | tee log.check
> By the way, this error doesn't show up with netcdf- on the very
> same system (all tests pass).
> Have you seen this beforehand?
> Thanks,
> Dom

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