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[netCDF #FZM-456558]: Help on WRF 3.3.1


> Thanks a lot for your message! (I will try to keep the questions to a 
> minimum, especially since this is a learning process for me and I'd like to 
> find (most of) the answers myself.)
> I have downloaded the files and am ready to install them. Unfortunately, I 
> don't have the log files since I deleted the folders. Once I get the process 
> started again, and if there are still errors, I'll send them to you.
> When attempting to configure zlib, I get the error massage "Compiler error 
> reporting is too harsh for ./configure (perhaps remove -Werror)". I am not 
> using the -Werror flag. Many answers on the forums point to compiler issues. 
> I am working on a Mac, with gcc installed. Could it be compiler-related?

If you're working on a Mac, you should first install Apple's freely available 
OSX developer tools, known as "Xcode". That will install lots of other tools 
and libraries, including zlib, so you won't have to build it. You'll also have 
the OSX C compiler, which works well for building netCDF on a Mac:


I've never seen the error message about -Werror before from configure, so don't 
know what's causing it, but having Xcode installed is needed if you're going to 
build the netCDF-C library from source.

If installing from source proves too problematic, you can instead get prebuilt 
netCDF libraries for OSX from homebrew or MacPorts. Since you may need a 
Fortran compiler to use netCDF with WRF, that's also automatically installed by 
using homebrew or MacPorts to install their "netcdf-fortran" package.


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> Subject: [netCDF #FZM-456558]: Help on WRF 3.3.1
> Hi Andi,
> > I have started a project looking at wind noise affecting potential
> > infrasound measurements on Mars's surface. I am thinking of using
> > planetWRF (from Ashima Research, based on WRF 3.3.1) to obtain surface
> > wind fields.
> >
> > Before starting with planetWRF, I am trying to set up a basic WRF run
> > first, following the steps in the UCAR tutorial
> >
> > http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTutorial
> >
> > However, I cannot generate the needed executables. I wonder if you could
> > give me some pointers. (I admit I am a unix novice.)
> >
> > Here's what I have done so far:
> >
> > 1) Config/compile netCDF.
> >
> > -> tried -cxx-4.2, -cxx4-4.2.1, -, -fortran-4.4.2.
> >
> > -> set the NETCDF variable to /usr/local/netcdf (I unzip the tarball in
> > /usr/local then rename the folder "netcdf").
> >
> > -> Questions:
> > -> Q1: Which compiler version should I use (cxx, cxx4, c, fortran)?
> You first need to install netCDF-C following these instructions:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/netcdf/docs/getting_and_building_netcdf.html
> You will also need netCDF-Fortran, which depends on first installing
> netCDF-C:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/netcdf/docs/building_netcdf_fortran.html
> You don't need the netCDF-C++ library, unless you have C++ software
> that reuires it.
> > -> Q2: Should I use an older version, to match the WRF?
> The latest version of the software is compatible with WRF, although
> older versions such as 3.6.3 may also work. I'd recommend just using
> the latest version, as it has fixes for various bugs identified  in
> earlier releases.
> > 2) Config/compile WRF Version 3.3.1 (Sept 16, 2011). I figured this is
> > the version on which planetWRFV3.3.1 is based.
> Sorry, I don't know much about WRF versions or planetWRFV3.3.1, but we
> can answer questions about building, testing, or installing netCDF.
> > If you could help with me this, I would be extremely grateful. If you
> > need me to give you the logfiles, let me know. (I don't want to clutter
> > your inbox with long scrolls...)  Thanks a lot!
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > -Andi Petculescu
> You're welcome!  If you have problems building with configure, the
> first thing we usually ask for is the config.log file generated by
> configure, as well as the symptoms of the problem ...
> --Russ
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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: FZM-456558
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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