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[netCDF #VTI-484586]: configure for netcdf can't find hdf5dll and exits


> Here the status report on trying to build netcdf4.
> > 1. Drop LIBS altogether
> Done
> > 2. You appear to be attempting to link against libraries.
> Mea Culpa.
> Turns out I had not completed "make install" on HDF4 and Curl. Now done.
> All libraries/include locations now listed in the attached file:
> my_libs.txt.

But in your static build, you're still referring to interim directories in a 
build instead of properly installed libraries.

I think we should concentrate on the shared build, since that's the easiest to
get right and the simplest to link against.

First, forget about the appearances of multiple "exit 1" lines in the config.log
files. As we've explained, the purpose of the configure script is to determine
properties of the development environment, which means it will try out things
and determine what works.

The only important "exit 1" is the last one, which is fatal to the configure 

The cause seems to be that you manually modified your configure script from
the one in the distribution. Please don't do that! Please start over with a new
distribution and the original configure script, which is generated automatically
by the autoconf program from the configure.ac file and cannot be modified
manually! Don't comment out any statements in the configure script in hopes
that that will fix a problem. We can't help you if you do that.


> LD_LIBRARY_PATH now lists these locations and was required for config to find 
> them (e.g. hdf5hl) in the executable scripts:
> envars.static
> envars.shared
> > 3. shared vs static build
> I tried both and in neither case did config exit with "0" see:
> envars.shared (produced  configme-4-shared.log and config-shared.log)
> envars.static (produced  configme-4-static.log and config-static.log)
> > 4. Configure "exit 1"
> Lots of places where the config-*.log showed exit 1.
> Any further ideas are welcome - appreciate your help on this.
> Best,
> George
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> hdf5dll and exits
> Ward & Russ,
> Thank you for the care and hand-holding through this process. The move to 
> netcdf4 and the added dependencies have complicated things for me since I'm 
> no expert on these config intricacies - being more of an applications person. 
> So I do appreciate the detailed guidance.
> In the past I have preferred to put all sorts of libraries in specified 
> directories in my own user space, to keep better track of compiler & library 
> versions that my (or customer) applications link to (the path names tell me 
> all I need to know). All the library dependencies of netcdf4 went too easily 
> and raised my expectations until I arrived at configure for netcdf4 :-(
> However, in this case I agreed to:
> 1) install to one location that is in a default search path (maybe /user/libs 
> as root would make sense), or update LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> 2) static lib build for now
> 3) move on to netcdf fortran once I get past this step.
> I'll work through your checklist this weekend and let you know.
> In the meantime I have downloaded all the required library builds from my 
> customer (they upgraded to netcdf4) and that has kept me going.
> Nevertheless I need to understand how to make my own local builds on our new 
> servers with current and future library releases.
> Best,
> George

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