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[netCDF #DOW-293583]: Getting a netCDF-4 File to XML

Hi Paul,

> is there any easy possibility to get a netCDF-4 file converted into a xml?
> I`m asking that, because I`m a poor system-administrator, who should solve
> that riddle:
> - [ncdump -k] tells me, that I have a netCDF-4 File [I suppose it`s format
> variant 3, according to [man ncdump]
> - [man ncdump] also tells me, that the parameter -x only works on "CDF
> classic model data"
> Please can you tell me, how to get my data from netCDF to XML - I`ve been
> searching for many hours and I don`t get it and I can`t believe, that
> nobody wanted to do this before!

First, I assume by xml you mean NcML, which uses XML syntax to represent 
netCDF metadata and data.

I think the Java NCdumpW utility is intended to do just what you want, 
using the "-ncml" option.  You can find it in the latest 
netcdfAll-4.5.jar from


According to the documentation, you can use it like this:

  java -Xmx1g -classpath netcdfAll-4.5.jar ucar.nc2.NCdumpW filepath -ncml [-c 
| -vall]

as documented here:


However, I haven't tested this, so if you have any problems with it, 
it would be good to send questions to address@hidden

One reason the netCDF-C ncdump utility doesn't support NcML output yet
for netCDF-4 is that there are still some issues for how to represent 
user-defined data types in NcML.  Another reason is low priority,
because we haven't very many user requests for this capability yet.

I'm forwarding your question to netcdf-java support in case there's 
more information on if and when NCdumpW can be used for netCDF-4 to
NcML ...


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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