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[netCDFJava #TIC-922637]: Can't get past 'Server does not support byte ranges'


That sounds about right, glad I could help. Please let us know if you encounter 
any problems.


> Hi,
> Thanks Ryan, that clears it up a lot.  My understanding at the moment is:
> - to configure the UI I will parse the dataset/datasetBoundaries.xml metadata 
> to get the list of variables and temporal and spatial extents in dataset 
> units (ie the units that the UI will present to the user)
> - to query the data I will just have a bit of logic to turn requests from the 
> UI into NCSS query urls
> This is simpler than my current solution because it uses dataset units 
> throughout - with OpenDAP I have to do a lot of mapping between user input 
> and the array indexes that OpenDap queries require.
> I think I have a two step change to do:
> 1. (as you suggest) just change my current code to create ncss urls rather 
> than OpenDAP query urls - so simplifying how the UI talks to TDS
> 2. strip out OpenDAP completely and just use dataset/datasetBoundaries.xml to 
> configure datasets in our ordering system

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