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[Support #HCH-686263]: read netcdf

Greetings Garrett,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Yes, the netcdf-java tutorial is in 
need of some
attention. Several years ago this material was used in our training workshop, 
but it has
been some time since then and could definitely use a little (or a lot) of TLC. 
I will try to get
at least the import statements in the tutorial. In the mean time, you can use 
the public
java-docs to find where the classes live:


All of the classes are listed in the bottom right panel. If you go to 
NetcdfFile, you will
see that it lives at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile. There is only one NetcdfFile class, 
but it has
two different constructor signatures (one for a String object, and one for a 
Url object);
however, both are accessed through the ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile class.

Again, sorry for the lack of import statements. We'll work on cleaning this up 
a bit.



> I am attempting to read a netcdf file.
> I followed your example.
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/thredds/current/netcdf-java/tutorial/NetcdfFile.html
> But where do I get NetcdfFile
> This is a general comment.  In your examples you fail to include the
> import statements.
> I have to guess where in the .jar file this class is hiding.
> This is doubly important because there are several versions of NetcdfFile.
> --
> G. Garrett Campbell Ph. D.
> 303 492 5194

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