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[netCDF #YYX-933412]: overwirte nc4 variable issues.

Hi Wei,

This sounds like the open bug report, described in this Jira


The byte order for a variable is fixed when the variable is defined,
but if values of the variable are later written on a platform with a
different byte order, the values are not converted to the byte order
of the platform on which the variable was first created.  This is a
bug in netCDF-4 that is assigned for fixing, but I have just changed
its priority from "Major" to "Critical", as you are the second person 
to report the bug.

The only workaround currently is for the user to check the endianness
of the data in the netCDF-4 file using the nc_inq_var_endian()
function. If it differs from the endianness of the platform on which 
the data will be overwritten or appended, the user must change the
endianness of the in-memory array before writing the data.  That's
clearly not the intended behavior, but a consequence of taking the
"reader makes write" rule of HDF5 too far.

> I have two files:
> met_em.d01.2010-01-20_12_00_00.nc
> wrfrst_d01_2010-01-20_00_00_00_destination
> Both have a variable named "LU_INDEX",
> I want to read from first file, and then overwrite the one in the second.
> When tried to read back this variable from second file.
> Then value is not right.
> Attached is a C program which demonstrates this behavior.
> The above two file can get from:
> ftp ftp.cgd.ucar.edu
> login: anonymous
> passwd: your-email
> cd incoming
> get file-name
> ...
> quit
> We have also found out that the overwritten variable is somehow
> byte swapped. The following NCL script demonstrates this.
> f = addfile("met_em.d01.2010-01-20_12_00_00.nc", "r")
> lu = f->LU_INDEX
> lug = ndtooned(lu)
> print(lug(::100))
> f = addfile("wrfrst_d01_2010-01-20_00_00_00_destination", "r")
> lu := f->LU_INDEX
> lut = ndtooned(lu)
> print(lut(::100))
> setfileoption("bin","WriteByteOrder","BigEndian")
> cbinwrite("test.bin",lu)
> lu1 = cbinread("test.bin",-1,"float")
> print(lu1(::100))
> Could please check this issue, and see if we have done anything wrong,
> or if there is any way we can control the byte order?
Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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Ticket ID: YYX-933412
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