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[netCDF #QMW-534881]: OPeNDAP URL crashing netcdf 4.1.3

This bug is known and is fixed in

There are actually two related issues.

First, that server is old and does not properly
implement the dap2 protocol.
Specifically, this means that a reference such as this:
Dataset {
    Int32 sst_dtime[time = 10870][lat = 4320][lon = 8640];
} testdata%2fpathfinderAgg%2fpathFinderV5%2e2_night%2encml;
when it should be returning this:
Dataset {
   Structure {
    Int32 sst_dtime[time = 10870][lat = 4320][lon = 8640];
   } sst_dtime;
} testdata%2fpathfinderAgg%2fpathFinderV5%2e2_night%2encml;

More recent thredds servers have this fixed.

The second issue is that I had to add several hacks
to the netcdf-c dap2 support to handle such servers.
I have been refining and adding hacks over time, and the
most recent netcdf-c release,, 
appears to solve your specific example.
=Dennis Heimbigner

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