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[netCDFJava #YJC-144248]: Problem with GeotiffWriter class

> > 2. Yes the satellite projection is obscure, but the NetCDF java library can 
> > provide us programmatically the Lat, Lon of the grid. So I wonder why not 
> > having via the GeotiffWriter class, a geotiff in the Lat, Lon WGS84 
> > projection.
> do you mean reproject to a lat/lon grid? or does geotiff allow "curvilinear 
> grids" ?
> I am not sure what you mean. In general somebody can create a geotiff image 
> in the Lat/lon projection.
> Wouldn’t be that possible?
> If yes, the I thought that using the Geotiffwriter class we could have a 
> geotiff in the lat/lon projection.

if the data is in a projection, and you want to write a lat/lon geotiff, you 
need to reproject the data, and then the question of how to do that 
reprojection arises. its not a trivial thing to do in general, although if all 
you want is a picture its simple enough.

ill let you know if we can find someone to work on the geotiff code.


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