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[netCDF #DQK-543210]: question about netcdf-fortran 90 install


> I am quite new about netcdf-fortran and I am going to install netcdf for
> my fedora18 desktop. Althrough I browse through the netcdfgroup mailing
> list all day long, I still can't get it work for my Fortran 90 project.
> First I use
> yum install netcdf.x86_64
> to install the C version of netcdf then,
> yum install netcd-fortran.x86_64
> to get a Fortran Version (it seems do not contain fortran 90 support)
> Now the example script "simple_x_y_w.c" (C) and "simple_x_y_w.f"(Fortran
> 77) works for the following command:
> gcc simple_x_y_w.c -lnetcdf
> gfortran  simple_x_y_w.f90 -o a.out -L/usr/lib64 -lnetcdff -I/usr/include
> But when I
> gfortran  simple_x_y_w.f90 -o a.out -L/usr/lib64  -I/usr/include
> the necessary head file netcdf.f90 is not found in neither /usr/include nor
> /usr/lib64/

Sorry, but we don't create or maintain the yum install packages for netCDF,
so don't know how they are built or what to do when they don't work.  I
would be very surprised if the netcd-fortran.x86_64 package doesn't include
Fortran-90 support, because "yum info" says it's version 4.2, which is the
most current released version of netCDF-Fortran.

> How can I fix this?
> Shall I install netcdf-fortran from the source file rather than "yum
> install"?

That's what I would recommend, following these instructions:



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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