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Re: TDS GRIB Index Files

Hi Kevin:

If you are manually deleting grib files, you need to also manually delete the corresponding gbx9 and ncx files.


On 11/2/2013 12:49 PM, Sean Arms wrote:
Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delayed response. I don't know if the TDS or TDM will take
care of orphaned index files, but it might ignore them if the file does
not exist. (John?)

We use a combination of the LDM scour utility and an old, crufty perl
script to take care of the index files while removing "old" real time
data to make room for new data; these programs delete the data files as
well as index files in one shot, which isn't exactly what you would want
for an archive.

John, do you have any suggestions?



On 10/30/13, 3:27 PM, Kevin Manross wrote:

Hi Sean!

I'm getting in pretty good shape with our RDA-TDS.  One thing that our
lead engineer wants is a way to make the TDS reflect any changes made to
the respective dataset.  For our GRIB datasets, this means that if a
file is deleted from a dataset, we would need to remove the
correcponding .ncx (and probably .gbx9) file.

I know that the TDS creates .gbx9 and .ncx files but the only way I know
(or have read) to remove them is to do so manually.  Is there a way to
do this that you know of programmaticly? I looked into the TDM, but
don't see any deleting options.

If you know of anything - or know that this can't be done - I'd love to
hear it.



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