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Re: Problem opening GRIB dataset using netCDF-Java

Hello Robert,

Version 4.3.19 is our current bug fix version. It is not yet an official release, but it is also available on Github here:


  Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

On 9/23/2013 12:48 PM, Schmunk, Robert B. (GISS-611.0)[TRINNOVIM, LLC] wrote:
On Sep 23, 2013, at 08:39, john caron wrote:

Im out of the country for another week so i cant check, but i fixed a similar problem in the 4.3.19 release. Lansing can tell you where that is if you want to try.
Do you mean 4.3.19 or 4.3.18?

The website lists 4.3.18 as the latest release. Unless I'm misunderstanding the 
way Github works, I don't see any mention of commits in thredds after the 
4.3.18 release date.

BTW: I commented last March that I had been having since the start of the year with GRIB 
temporary files popping up in the same directory as the GRIB file rather than in the 
cache dir specified by DiskCache.setRootDirectory(). I thought this was "fixed" 
in 4.3.18 but that was mistaken. On further exploration today, I found that a deliberate 
change was made in 4.3.15, as described at

However, although that webpage states that as of 4.3.15 one should use 
DiskCache2 class to deal with GRIB files, the section terminates before 
providing an example of the DiskCache2 options. I did find an example in the 
source code for the TestGribDiskCache class which gave me the help I needed.

apologies, ill update that web page. so you did figure out what you needed then?

Well, I have a mea culpa also. Despite my whining about the GRIB caching change being a surprise, I discovered late last week that your e-mail announcing 4.3.15 specifically mentioned it.

Anyway, based on what I saw in the DiskCache2 source, I got things working the 
way I wanted. I found the following was sufficient.

   // Inform NJ where the cache is and to always use it.
     DiskCache.setRootDirectory  (cachepath);
     DiskCache.setCachePolicy    (true);

   // The following is necessary as of NJ 4.3.15 in order to prevent GRIB
   // temp files from cluttering up same directory as source GRIB files.
     DiskCache2 dc2 = new DiskCache2 (cachepath, false, 30, 30);
     dc2.setAlwaysUseCache (true);
     GribCollection.setDiskCache2 (dc2);

Thanks, rbs

-- Robert B. Schmunk Webmaster / Senior Systems Programmer NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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