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[Support #KOX-719621]: How to détermine compiler version for existing libnetcdf

Hi Neil,

> How does one determine the version of gcc that an existing libnetcdf
> library was built with -- specifically on Mac OS X (freebsd)?

You can't, in general, but under some circumstances running

  $ nc-config --cc

will tell you the version, by displaying the absolute path to the compiler
executable that was used, which sometimes has the version embedded in the 
directory path.  Or, if you haven't upgraded gcc since building the library,
you could try

  $ `nc-config --cc` --version

which will show you the version of the compiler that's now in the same place
as the compiler with which the netCDF C library was originally built.

If you built the netCDF library shortly after you built and installed the
hdf5 library, you could also look at the "libhdf5.settings" file in the
directory where the hdf5 library is installed.  That's a text file that
also has all the gory details of the compiler version as well as all the 
flags it was built with.

Finally, if you still happen to have the source directory (perhaps from 
backup) in which the netCDF C library was built and the config.log file
happens to still be in that directory (because you didn't run "make clean"
after installing it), that also has the version information about the C
compiler, probably in several places.


> -Neil
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