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[netCDF #NHP-213140]: downloading netCDF-C Library

Hi Lance,

> I'm utilizing Dev C++ Program to compile a code that reads netCDF and
> writes them as ascii files. In order for this to work I need to install
> the netCDF library. Although, I don't know what I should install or
> where to install the library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What you should install:

  - at least the netCDF C library, which also includes several command-line
    utility programs, such as ncdump, which reads netCDF and writes a text
    form of the data.  You'll have to decide whether you can get by with
    just accessing netCDF classic format supported in netCDF-3, or whether
    you need capabilities only available in netCDF-4, such as data compression,
    chunking, parallel I/O.  It may help to look at this part of the netCDF


  - Maybe the netCDF-C++ library, which is a thin layer on top of the netCDF
    C library that makes some things simpler.  You'll have to decide whether
    the legacy netCDF C++ library, supporting netCDF-3, is adequate, or whether
    you need the newer and less well-tested netcdf-4 C++ API.

  - You can install the library anywhere you want, but the default is to install
    in the lib, include, share, and bin subdirectories of /usr/local.

Instructions for getting and building the libraries are here:



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