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[netCDFJava #NNB-487385]: NcML aggregation code fails after recent Java NetCDF library upgrade

I was thinking you might be doing something else...but I saw a lot of 
thredds.inventory.stuff in the error logs.  I'll steer this over to Sean 
and the IDV team.


On 6/14/2013 9:46 AM, Tommy Jasmin wrote:
> New Client Reply: NcML aggregation code fails after recent Java NetCDF 
> library upgrade
> On 6/14/13 10:39 AM, Unidata netCDF Java Support wrote:
>> Hi Tommy,
>> I'm assuming that you are running a 4.3 release of the TDS, since you've 
>> mentioned updating jar files.  I can take a look at the failure if you 
>> follow these steps to get a clean set of logs that capture the problem:
>> Stop the tomcat server.
>> Install the latest release if needed.
>> Remove/copy all files from {tomcat}/logs and {tomcat}/content/thredds/logs
>> Restart the server
>> Make the problem happen
>> Zip up everything in {tomcat}/logs and {tomcat}/content/thredds/logs.
>> Send the logs and a detailed description of what you do to make the problem 
>> happen, and what the problem looks like. If it took a while to get the 
>> problem to happen, note what time it happened so that we can correlate with 
>> the logs.
>> Thanks,
>>     Lansing Madry
>>     Unidata
>>     Boulder, Colorado
> Lansing - nothing to do with TDS, this is in our McIDAS-V software,
> based on IDV.
> It uses the Java NetCDF and IDV codebases and I roll in the jars when I
> see updates
> posted.  I'm guessing if you can get Sean Arms to take a peek he would
> have some
> ideas right away.

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