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[netCDF #GCG-755149]: Fwd: Update to your issue -- Install netCDF-4.3.0-rc3 on yellowstone {86653}

Hi Erik,

> I'm wondering about getting a version of NetCDF that has the
> NetCDF-header fix for files written out by pnetcdf in it.  It sounds
> like the CISL people are reluctant to put a patch version on
> yellowstone (see message below). When I looked I saw the latest
> stable version as NetCDF-4.2, but there are beta versions for 4.4. I
> wasn't quite sure how to get a download that has the needed fix in
> it. Can you help me out there? I'm assuming you won't have another
> stable release for quite some time, so what would be the best
> version to download from the web-site that has the fix right now?

The latest released version of the netCDF C library is, but we
think we're close to a release of version 4.3.0, with the netCDF
header fix for files written from pnetcdf and other bug fixes.  (Note
that netCDF can read such files OK, the bug was the case of writing a
netCDF file from pnetcdf, then trying to modify the metadata in the
file header with netCDF.)

The latest release candidate for netCDF-C is 4.3.0-rc3.  If we don't
encounter any unanticipated problems with 4.3.0-rc3, we plan to make a
4.3.0 release out of it, possibly by the end of next week.

The 4.4-beta release you noticed is only for netCDF Fortran, which is
a separate layer over the C library that is now in a separate software
distribution.  The latest official release of netCDF Fortran is
version 4.2, which can be built and installed only after the netCDF C
library on which it depends is installed.  If you build the netCDF
Fortran 4.2 release (or "4.4-beta1" release) after installing the
netCDF C library 4.3.0, it will have the pnetcdf fix, because that's
in the C layer.

The "4.4-beta" name was somewhat of a misnomer indicating experimental
support for Fortran 2003 C interoperability features.  We plan to
instead release a netCDF Fortran 4.3 version that will incorporate
updated versions of the Fortran 2003 features curently in 4.4-beta1 as
well as support for the current version 4.2 mechanisms for calling C
functions from Fortran.  The contributor of the Fortran-2003 features,
Richard Weed, is currently working on those updates.  The netCDF
Fortran 4.3 release may be several months away, so it's good that the
4.2 and 4.4-beta releases will work OK with the upcoming 4.3.0 netCDF
C release.  One of our reasons for separating the C and Fortran
libraries was to permit them to evolve independently, which means the
version numbers don't have to match ...


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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