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[netCDFJava #IHC-743264]: Problems reading GRIB2 files

Greetings Jeff,

If you are dealing with GRIB files, you should use netCDF-Java 4.3. The
GRIB handling in 4.2 is broken. See the note for GRIB users here and try 
the 4.3 jar:




> Full Name: Jeff Smith
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Front Range Community College
> Package Version: 4.2
> Operating System: Windows 7
> Hardware:
> Description of problem:
> I downloaded and installed netcdf-4.2.jar on my Windows laptop. My need is
> to read GRIB2 files from NCEP. I have encountered several problems. The
> most serious is that, according to the documnentation, objects from
> the class Grib2ProductDefintionSection have a method that returns an
> object of the class Grib2PDSVariables, but there is no such class as
> Grib2PDSVariables in the package.
> Another serious problem is that the class Grib2GridDefinitionSection
> does not appear to read in the correct number of bytes. This results in
> an array out of bounds exception being raised in line 1741 of method
> getInt in Grib2GDSVariables.java (which is called from line 82 of
> GribGDSVariables.java, which in turn is in a method called from line
> 418 of Grib2GridDefinitionSection.java). I have verified that all the
> GRIB2 files that I have tested with are properly constructed GRIB2 files.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: IHC-743264
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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