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[netCDFJava #JDB-235822]: Fwd: non-standard calendars in the IDV

Hi Don,

Not being a climate guy I'm wondering what it means to convert a date/time from 
a calendar that tries to accurately model reality (e.g., Gregorian calendar) to 
a calendar that models a simplified reality (e.g., 360-day calendar). Then 
again, I guess at some point you have to think about how the climate models map 
to "real" time.

However, I would think you'd want a continuous mapping. Doesn't the 
"360-date/time --> string --> Gregorian-date/time" mapping contain a number of 
discontinuities each year.

Perhaps deciding on a mapping is something best left to the user?


Don Murray wrote:
> I don't think my previous solution will work.  However, I would think
> that it would be useful to convert a CalendarDate to a corresponding
> Date object that would reference the same "time" (year, month, day,
> hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds) as the CalendarDate.  The
> approach I've taken in the IDV is to convert the CalendarDate to a
> String and parse the String back to a Date.  I realize it doesn't allow
> you go do math, etc, but it's a way of converting from one calendar to
> another.
> Don

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