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[netCDF #VPH-551067]: Running parallel check for systems without mpiexec

Hi Chris,

> I am trying to build NetCDF-4.1.3 on an SGI ICE cluster running Redhat 6.
> The way your parallel tests are setup is a big problem for those of us using 
> machines that don't have mpiexec.  Although mpiexec is the MPI standard job 
> launch program, many systems don't have it, or put wrappers around it.  Crays 
> use aprun, Ranger at TACC uses ibrun, and SGI's MPI implementation (MPT) uses 
> mpiexec_mpt.  Lots of really large systems use something other than mpiexec, 
> so my case is not a one off exception.  Is there really no ./configure option 
> or environment variable to use for specifying the command to use for running 
> the parallel tests?  If not, there really should be.  The HDF5 package at 
> least allows you to set the RUNPARALLEL environment variable.  I tried lots 
> of Googling and searching on your site, but found nothing.
> I am hand editing the test scripts to replace all mpiexec calls with 
> mpiexec_mpt.  Yes, it's doable and it works, but hand patching the software 
> makes for a maintenance nightmare for system admins who already have a hard 
> time keeping all the packages working.

Excellent suggestion, thanks!

For now, I've created a Jira issue to keep this on our list of things to get in 
an upcoming release.  Feel free to comment on that issue or to track it, in 
case you want to know when we're working on it or have it resolved:



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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