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[netCDF #WTO-478645]: NetCDF Windows c++

Good afternoon Brian,

First, thank you for the reminder about onstack.h; your fix is correct, and the 
same way I had fixed it in my test environment. I will have to update this in 
the code repository.

Regarding the warnings you receive regarding 'real files' for libraries: I 
encountered this as well, and it is caused by libtool. Libtool expects dll's to 
have the 'lib' prefix in their filename.  The solution is fairly 
straight-forward; copy hdf5_hldll.dll to libhdf5_hldll.dll, hdf5 to 
libhdf5.dll, etc.  This will correct the warnings, as well as the 'undefined 
reference' errors you are receiving.  You will only need to do this for the 
libraries you receive warnings for, and thankfully not for the entire 
dependency tree.  

Hopefully this will help get you past this problem; have a great weekend, let 
me know if you have any further questions.


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