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Re: [netcdf-porting] NetCDF Port using MinGW: Native Windows 64 bit (and 32 bit) DLL

Hi Nikolay,

> May be I should have posted this to netcdfgroup as there are so many
> users desperate to have a Windows 64/32 bit NetCDF DLL (and so was I
> recently). Anyway, this mailing list might be a better place as my
> post fully conforms to its topic.
> In short: The NetCDF library version 4.1.3 does compile under both 32
> and 64 bit Windows using MinGW and MinGW-w64 and does successfully
> pass all standard tests included in the source code distribution;
> âmake checkâ output of both 32 and 64 bit is available through the
> http link below. The changes in the original source code are minimal
> and can be performed in a semi-automatic mode.
> What I have built is a rather minimalistic library configuration that
> does not include: Fortran and C++ interfaces (just only C), hdf5,
> version 2 of the API, and DAP. Both the NetCDF classic format and the
> 64-bit offset format are fully supported.
> There is hope that the porting approach I suggest can be used to
> compile a full-fledged version, including the newly released NetCDF
> library version 4.2 from which I originally started, but as it was not
> yet released that time, I switched back to 4.1.3.
> Here is the documentation including the download links I prepared for those 
> interested:
> http://iiasa.ac.at/~khabarov/netcdf-win64-and-win32-mingw/

Thanks very much for contributing this.  I've added a link to your
document in the netCDF FAQ, near the bottom of the answer to the

   "How can I use netCDF-4.1 with Windows?"

Please let me know if you'd like any changes to that description of your

If you'd like to post to netcdfgroup as well, I would encourage it!

Our new netCDF developer, Ward Fisher, has had some success porting
netCDF-4.2 to Windows using MinGW, and we may be making that port
available as well in a future release.

> Best regards,
> Nikolay
> --
> Dr. Nikolay Khabarov
> Ecosystems Services and Management Program
> International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

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