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[netCDF #IJW-622612]: netcdf 4.1.3 on os x

Greetings Grace,

Sometimes the dap test will fail due to the test server being overloaded or not 
responding (which is kind of the impression I get from looking over your 
output). You can always try to run make check again to see if it works on the 
second go-around.

Please let us know if it fails again.



> Folks,
> Has anyone else installed netcdf 4.1.3 on os x ?
> I ran make check install and piped the output to this attached file.
> (See attached file: check_install_output)
> I am behind a firewall so it doesn't surprise me that this
> automated script could not access external sites.
> But, are there any errors in there that would trip me up?
> thanks,
> Grace
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