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[netCDF #GAM-944251]: Colon in the file name not allowed...


The colon is a special character - you will need to put the file name in quotes 
to use it. However, I would recommend against using colons in your filenames as 
the colon is not part of the POSIX standard, and if any of your potential users 
will be on windows it will be recognized as a mount path, not a file.



> Hi,
> We have v4.1.2-beta installed on our Linux cluster that doesn't allow a colon 
> ":" in the file name .
> For example, I can see the header of a file aaa.nc (ncdump -h aaa.nc), but if 
> rename it to aaa:bbb.nc it crushes (using ncdump -h aaa:bbb.nc) and gives the 
> message:
> libncdap3: non-url path
> ncdump: ncdap3.c:86: NCD3_open: Assertion `dappanic("libncdap3: non-url 
> path")' failed.
> Abort
> Is that bug fixed in v.4.1.3.?
> Thanks,
> Boyko
> Boyko A. Dodov, Ph. D.
> Principal Scientist, Hydrology
> AIR Worldwide
> 131 Dartmouth Street
> Boston, MA 02116
> +1-617-954-1860
> [Description: email_signature_crop]<http://www.air-worldwide.com/>

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