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[netCDF #KZX-489887]: Status of NETCDF4 for Windows (non-Cygwin)

> Russ, et. al. -
> For good or ill, we've had to forge ahead with our own port of NETCDF to
> windows.  Since the 4.1.1 code base was the stable release when we
> started, we worked from there.  Fortunately our needs are limited to the C
> interface, static libraries for NETCDF, dynamic/MD build model for the C
> library..
> At this stage, I have initial builds of both 32 and 64 bit using VS2008
> tools.  Our build environment for windows makes use of Cygwin, however, we
> are not building _FOR_ Cygwin.  This lets us perform our builds with a
> mostly normal set of Makefiles across both Linux/Unix and Windows.
> I joined the e-mail group for porting of NETCDF and posted some of my
> initial findings about difficulties with the build, but havn't heard
> anything.  I was hoping there would be someone on your end who would be
> actively interested in reviewing the changes needed to get things building
> on Windows - but I'm concerned that things have moved out from under me in
> the mean time in terms of 4.1.2.
> -jrm
> James Mason
> Exa Corporation
> Burlington, MA

Howdy James!

I am the only person here in a position to respond to your suggestions about 
porting to windows. ;-)

Unfortunately the 4.1.1 release is rather out of date. There have been many 
changes, and the 4.1.2 release is much closer to what we are working with now. 
Even that release is already out of date, and if you wish to contribute build 
scripts on an ongoing basis, it would be best if you used the netCDF daily 
snapshot, or hit our svn server (see website for details).

We are supporting only one set of build files, the configure.ac in the main 
directory, and the Makefile.am files in each subdirectory. I am building the 
windows DLLs now using mingw32, and having some success. Right now I am 
attempting to get the fortran libraries building. There is a good version of 
the classic library DLLs (i.e. no netcdf-4 support yet) on the ftp site.

If you could download this zip file, and let me know if it works for you, and 
contains all the include files you need, that would be most helpful in moving 
along our support of windows DLLs.



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