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[THREDDS #ROM-663231]: LDM pqact's for serving IDD via THREDDS

Hi Art,

Include is the catalog.xml and some other files that are use to configure the 
ml TDS. There's a ldm.cron with the entries we use to manage the data for the 
TDS. manageFilesDirs.pl script is used to delete files and indexes, the 
configuration files are also included.
hhmmssreportRadarII.pl is used to monitor the reception of the Level2 Radar 
data, ones needs to remove reports every so often. Since the TDS uses Grib 
indexes to read the files, an external indexer  GribBinaryIndexer.pl is run 
every ten minutes, it also has a configuration file.One can set the path to 
where the TDS war file is installed that leads to the WEB-INF/lib directory. 
The indexing is important because if it's not done the the whole Grib file 
needs to be read on ever request. 

Hopefully my explanation isn't too terse. Ask if you need more information.



# files/dirs managing script
30 21 * * * util/manageFilesDirs.pl -f /local/ldm/etc/manageFilesDirs.conf > 
/data/ldm/logs/manageFilesDirs.log 2>&1
30 19 * * * util/manageFilesDirs.pl -f /local/ldm/etc/manageFilesDirs.radar > 
/data/ldm/logs/manageFilesDirs.radar 2>&1
# Create Level II radar report
15 19 * * * util/hhmmssreportRadarII.pl -r 2>&1  

# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes 8.0 indexes
9 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
/data/ldm/logs/GribBinaryIndexer09.gbx8.log 2>&1
# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes
19 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
/data/ldm/logs/GribBinaryIndexer19.gbx8.log 2>&1
# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes
29 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
/data/ldm/logs/GribBinaryIndexer29.gbx8.log 2>&1
# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes
39 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
/data/ldm/logs/GribBinaryIndexer39.gbx8.log 2>&1

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