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Re: NetCDF4 in Matlab?

On 12/10/2010 8:57 AM, Jon Blower wrote:
Hi Rich, John and Russ,

We've had an enquiry here about whether Matlab can read NetCDF4 files (which I think means compressed data with the classic data model), either "natively" (presumably through the C libraries) or through the Matlab-Java interface.  Do you know if anyone has achieved this?

Cheers, Jon
matlab can use the java-netcdf4 library, which gives it access to all the CDM files, including netcdf4.

there are 2 matlab toolkits:

MATLAB toolkits
  • njTBX (Rich Signell/USGS, Sachin Bhate/Mississippi State University)
  • nctoolbox (Brian Schlining/MBARI)
rich, which one is preferred?

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