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Re: Possible issue in ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.getRaf

On 11/5/2010 8:05 AM, Eric Russell wrote:
John Caron wrote:
On 11/4/2010 2:19 PM, Eric Russell wrote:
Hi John,

I'm the author of My World GIS; I've previously written to you from
the address address@hidden, but I'm now at National
Geographic. After a long hiatus from working on My World GIS, I'm
getting version 5 ready for release. In the process, I discovered an
issue with ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.getRaf. The problem may be specific to
Windows. When you call getRaf with a "file:" URL that contains
escaped spaces, it throws a FileNotFoundException. I fixed the
problem by changing line 496 from

uriString = uriString.substring(5);


uriString = StringUtil.unescape(uriString.substring(5));

(this is in version 4 of the NetCDF-Java source code; My World is
still on Java 1.5). I tested it on MacOS X Snow Leopard, and it
doesn't seem to cause any problems there. I haven't tested it on
Linux yet.


Hi again Eric:

Hmmm thats interesting. Under what circumstances does a location get passed in with escaped spaces?

So are you still working on MyWorld for northwestern, or is it somehow involved with ngs?

Hi John,

I'm passing a file: URL to the InvDatasetImpl constructor, then calling ThreddsDataFactory.openFeatureDataset on it. Even if the spaces in the URL I provide are unescaped, they get escaped by some point by netcdf-java, before the URL gets passed to NetcdfFile.getRaf.

Northwestern transferred the My World copyrights to National Geographic, since the whole My World team (Danny Edelson and I) is now at NGS. We're more focused on web-based GIS now (our new project is http://www.fieldscope.org), but we want to get this last release out the door so all the work that went into it doesn't go to waste.


ok, ill add in your fix, thanks.

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