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[netCDF #DYM-330271]: Does A netCDF4 "File Information" Program Exist?

> Hello:
> I'm searching for a C program that gathers information about netCDF4
> files.  This C program knows nothing about the particular netCDF4 file
> it's reading and therefore must make inquiries to the file to find out
> the number of groups/sub-groups, dimensions, variables, attributes it
> contains, the names of all the above, the variable shapes, etc.  My
> question: Does such a C program exist?  Can you tell me where I can
> download it?  If it does not exist I will take a crack at writing one.
> I've been searching online but so far haven't found anything.
> ---Thanx
> ---Tony Conrad
> ---World Weather Building
> ---Camp Springs, Maryland 20746

Howdy Tony!

There are several such programs, including ncdump, the canonical dumper of 
netCDF files, which comes with the library and is written here at the Unidata 
Program Center by Russ Rew.

Full documentation can be found here: 

Basically, ncdump -h to get just metadata, or without the -h to get the data 
dumped as well (inadvisable with large files).

There is another utility called ncgen, which takes the output of ncdump and 
generates the binary file.

Are you producing NPOESS data or using it?



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