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[netCDF #RQC-418775]: make check gives multiple errors

> To whom it may concern;
> I am trying to install netcdf 4.1.1 on my redhat v. 5.4 linux x86_64.
> Thus far I have tried the initial "quick build" instructions:
> ./configure --prefix=/home/ed/local --disable-netcdf-4
> but received an error stating that it could not compile the .f90 files.
> After make distclean I issued the second command:
> ./configure --prefix=/home/ed/local --disable-netcdf-4 FC=pgf90
> Which seemed to work. The process ran and left me on the command line.
> When I issue:
> make
> It seems to work fine, however when I run the "check" command, it
> appears to fail numerous tests, unable to "connect with server". At the
> very end, it tells me that 3 of 4 tests have failed.
> Is this an immediately solvable problem? In the likely case that it is
> not, what output/information do you need from me to help solve the
> problem?
> Thank you,
> Padriac Fowler

Howdy Padriac!

NetCDF now includes the opendap client, which allows your programs to access 
remote data on opendap severs, as if the files were local. As part of the 
build, it contacts a test server and checks that the opendap client works.

If you don't want this feature you can disable it with --disable-dap.

If you just don't want to run the remote tests, you can disable them with 

If the build still does not work, send the complete output of make, make check, 
and the config.log file to this email.

Thanks and good luck!


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Ticket ID: RQC-418775
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