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Re: rotated grid

Jon Blower wrote:
Hi Stefano,

Thanks to John Caron of Unidata, I figured out how your dataset's metadata needs to be modified. The attached NcML file is a “wrapper” around your data file. If you point ncWMS at the NcML file instead of the .nc file it should work. If you look at the NcML file you can see which attributes need to be modified or added.

If possible, it would be best if you could edit the NetCDF files themselves, rather than relying on the NcML wrapper, since most NetCDF-aware applications can’t read NcML. You can alter your NetCDF-writing code, or perhaps use the NetCDF operators (http://nco.sf.net) to post-process your data files.

Note that longitudes in the rotated grid must be in the range -180:180 (I think this is a limitation with the NetCDF libraries, not a specification of CF).

yes, i can probably modify the projection to transform to +/- 180. ill look 
into it