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[netCDF #GNF-292202]: Building 3.6.3 with ifort 9.1

Hi Dan,

Sorry it's taken us so long to respond to your question ...

> I'm running into a problem building 3.6.3 on a x86_64 linux
> platform (uname -a ' ...x86_64 GNU/Linux')
> with ifort --version ( ifort 9.1 20070215)
> I've followed the 'intel' building directions on your website,
> searched the web for solutions but in the end here I am...

By "our website", do you mean the Intel instructions we point to at
this URL?


> The problem appears to be that configure can't determine the
> mapping for fortran types to C types, ( my laptop that I'm writing the
> message to can't readily connect to the server, so cut/paste isn't so
> simple).  The configure results include:
> ...
> checking if Fortran "byte"...yes
> checking if Fortran "integer*2"... yes
> checking if Fortran "byte" is C "signed char"... no
> checking if Fortran "byte" is C "short"... no
> ... for all the types
> with the result that fortran/nfconfig.inc does not define any of
> the NF_INT_IS_C...
> resulting in the fortran code not compiling.

That's usually a symptom of a basic problem with the Fortran compiler
installation, such as when it's not configured right to use its run-time
libraries or some compiler component is installed in the wrong place.

Can you compile simple non-netCDF Fortran programs OK with ifort?

> I can go in and modify the nfconfig.inc to define these (guessing
> what the fortran types should map to), and can get netcdf to build.
> but 'make check' will fail when it goes into nf_test and performs
> the tests.

Yup, I've never had any luck trying manual workarounds to what configure
is supposed to do, so I wouldn't recommend that.

> Any workarounds for this version of the compiler?   Any suggestions?

We have successfully built netCDF-3 libraries from the latest 4.1.1 netCDF
distribution, using the --disable-netcdf-4 flag.  We used the settings:

  CPPFLAGS= CC=icc CFLAGS=-g -O2 CXX=icpc 
CXXFLAGS=-I/opt/intel/cce/10.1.023/include FC=ifort FCFLAGS=-g F77=ifort 

and invoked the configure script as follows:

  configure --prefix=/machine/netcdf/nc_test_8059/in1 
--disable-compiler-recover --disable-netcdf-4 make check install ftpbin

The output of the configure and "make check install" steps are here:


This was with version 10.1 of ifort.  We have binaries available here:


This was on a Linux 64-bit platform.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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