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[netCDF #QFR-706211]: reporting problems: configure

Howdy Yan Mi!

Here's your problem (from config.log):

configure:23088: ifort -g -c conftestf.f
configure:23091: $? = 0
configure:23094: ifort -o conftest -g  conftestf.o conftest.o  
IPO link: can not find "("
ifort: error: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)
configure:23097: $? = 1
configure:23120: error: Could not link conftestf.o and conftest.o

I have no idea what this error means:
IPO link: can not find "("

Can you try compiling a simple fortran program from the command line with 
ifort, and make sure it is working?



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