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Re: Compatibility of NetCDF

> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Compatibility of NetCDF
> Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 00:13:30 +0900
> From: Toshinobu Hondo <address@hidden>

Hi T. Hondo,

> I'm tring to compile NetCDF 3.1a with Win32 environment but not yet
> successed.
> Today, I have a question regarding a compatibility of NetCDF file with
> version 2.0 and 2.3.2 or later.  I hear that one big manufactualler of
> Liquid Chromatography named Waters using a NetCDF 2.0, and it seems
> not compatible with 2.3.2 or later version of NetCDF.
> My first experience of NetCDF is version 2.3.2, so I did not know aboout
> version 2.0.  If you know something, please let me know.

Version 2.0 of netCDF was released in October 1991, and was the first
version to be usable on MSDOS.  It was also the first version in which
dimension sizes were declared to be "long" rather than "int".  I'm
surprised anyone is still using a version this old.

Version 2.3.2, released in June 1993, first introduced the typedef
"nclong" for data corresponding to the NC_LONG type.

All the versions have used the same file format, which has not changed
since 1989.  Hence, you should be able to read a netCDF file written by
version 2.0 (or even by version 1.0) with current software, unless there
was a bug in the old version that corrupted the netCDF file.


>From address@hidden Thu Sep 26 16:45:28 1996
>Dear Russ:
>Thank you for your kind answer.
>Regards, T. Hondo