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[NOAAPORT #PYS-247015]: Missing Noaaport Data

Hi Randy,

re: what version of the TDS are you running
> Looks like i'm running 4.0.8...time for an upgrade i guess.

I would say yes.

> Ok, that makes sense that there will be changes after NOA
> upgrades their downlink.

And after additions to CONDUIT that should be upcoming sometime
in the fall (I don't know what these will be, but you can bet
that some are related to HRRR output).

re: our not receiving your real-time stats is likely due to your firewall

> I bet our guys are blocking it.

I agree.

> you should noaapxcd.it-protect.com.

OK.  The only machines listed in our real-time stats pages that have
'protect' in their name are at NSSL.

Just to be sure that is how your machine(s) should report, please check
the hostname setting.  This would be in:

~ldm/etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf for older versions of the LDM (e.g., 6.8.1)
~ldm/etc/registry.xml     for new versions of the LDM (e.g., 6.11.x, 6.12.x)

> It's definitely behind a firewall.

Yes, aren't we all.  Most .edu firewalls, however, are not setup to block
outbound traffic.  Pretty much all .mil, an increasing number of .gov and
some .com firewalls, on the other hand, are setup to block outbound traffic.

> So i should ask them to open port 388 outbound only?

If our not receiving your real-time stats is being caused by the firewall
configuration there, and if you would like to report the stats so that
we can help you (learn to) troubleshoot problems so you don't have to
reply on us, then yes, I suggest that you should request that outbound
traffic to port 388 should not be blocked.  If it is desired to keep this
pretty locked down, I would ask that it be opened for port 388 on
machines in the unidata.ucar.edu domain.  This includes the 128.117.140,
128.117.156, and 128.117.149 subnets.


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