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[NOAAPORT #PYS-247015]: Missing Noaaport Data

Hi Randy,

re: how to turn off McIDAS GRID decoding
> Yes decinfo.k. Now I remember. This has now been corrected. Thanks.

Very good.

> As we are upgrading our noaaport ingest computers this summer to
> accommodate NOAA's changes we are hoping that there is even more
> model data that will be sent out.

My understanding is that some of the additional bandwidth will contain
some HRRR model output.  When the HRRR data will be added to NOAAPort
is unknown to me.

> We use the pqact.conf file to store data
> We are also using TDS to make it available but I cant tell which
> version of TDS we are running? Martha set it up years ago now.
> Can you help?

If you go to the top level TDS catalog in a web browser, you should
see a line that says what version of the TDS is being run.  For instance:



You can see from this page that thredds.ucar.edu is currently:

THREDDS Data Server [Version 4.5.1 - 20140613.1536]

> Also, we have a pqact.thredds.tasc file that you helped us set up
> in 2009 (see enclosed) and I am wondering if there is a newer version
> of this file that has more model data (higher resolution) entries.

I don't remember our discussions related to pqact.thredds.tasc, but a
quick look shows that it contains entries like the ones we use for
our TDS data processing.  As far as I know, there has been no update to
the file that we use, but this will change as new data gets added to

> Also, I've turned on data reporting..

OK.  What are the names of the machines reporting real-time stats?
I ask because nothing jumped out at me when I just reviewed the
list of stations reporting real-time stats to us:

Unidata HomePage

  Data -> IDD Operational Status

    Statistics by Host

If you do not see your machine(s) listed in the last page, it is
likely that outbound traffic to port 388 is being blocked by your


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