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[McIDAS #TTI-427756]: McIDAS linking problems on Mac OS X: subroutine/symbol cblank in plotsub.for undefined

Hi David,

> I am trying to build Mcidas-X 2009 (your release) on an intel (xeon) mac 
> running snow leopard
> using the latest GCC compiler release.
> I have downloaded the source and was using "make mcx" and all was compiling 
> smoothly until
> I hit a linker error trying to link advdisp.k, which originated from a 
> reference to symbol _cblank_
> in plotsub.o.
> Looking at plotsub.for, line 123 is "call cblank(cstr)"
> but cblank is not defined within plotsub.for nor in any of the other source 
> files as far as I can see.

Hmm...  You are correct; I can not find a 'cblank' entry point anywhere in 
This is bewildering given that advdisp.k links correctly under Linux.

> Can you advise how best to proceed?

The following should get you going until I release the Unidata McIDAS addendum 
that I have been working on:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~/mcidas2009/src

-- edit makefile and comment out the lines that reference advdisp:

approx. line 7065:


                       advdisp.pgm     \


#                       advdisp.pgm     \

approx. lines 7108:


advdisp.k              : advdisp.o $(LIBDEPS)
                       @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) advdisp.o $(LIBARGS)


#advdisp.k              : advdisp.o $(LIBDEPS)
#                       @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) advdisp.o $(LIBARGS)

- restart your build:



make mcx

> Many thanks!!!

No worries.  Sorry for the hassle!


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