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[McIDAS #TTI-427756]: McIDAS linking problems on Mac OS X: subroutine/symbol cblank in plotsub.for undefined

Hi again David,

After looking at the code in plotsub.for more closely, I see that the
call to cblank can be changed to cleanc.  Given this, I suggest the
following alternative to the makefile modifications I sent previously:

<as 'mcidas'>

- back out of any changes you may have made to 'makefile'

- edit plotsub.for and:


      call cblank(cstr)


      call cleanc(cstr)

- continue the McIDAS build:



make mcx

re: your response before I wrote the above
> Thank you Tom!!
> That's a great help, and thanks so much for the rapid response.

No worries.

> I'm hoping you can help with the next stumbling block as well?  I suspect
> this one is more common, but not sure.
> I'm getting an error linking mcwish due to undefined symbol _BSTgettimeofday
> in _NativeGetTime in libtcl8.5a (originally in tclUnixTime.c)
> I see there is some flags/code in config to deal with this subroutine, but
> for whatever reason the end result on my machine is a linker error...

Hmm... this will be tougher for me to figure out as I have not seen it

Is there any chance I could login to your machine as 'mcidas' so I could
troubleshoot the problem there?

> Sorry to bug you again... I hope there won't be many more roadblocks, if any!

No worries.


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