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[McIDAS #UGY-921131]: mcidas check.

Hi Dave,

> So it looks like the new climate is working well with regards to 
> mcidas and
> the decoders correct?

I was not convinced that this was the case when I was logged in last night.  I
have not re-examined things today, but I am logged in now.  The first thing
I see in the 'mcidas' account on the new climate ( is that the
environment for 'mcidas' is not being set along the lines outlined in
the Unidata McIDAS-X Users guide.  I am just changing this now...

> If so I'm going to let paul know I can start porting all the scripts over.

OK, but I think that there might be more changes made.

> Are you a support person to GEMPAK or is that someone else.  I'm just 
> wondering if there
> is a script that copied over all the GEMPAK decoders over that I somehow 
> missed to the
> /home/ldm/decoders or if that was the guys upstairs that just manually copied 
> them all
> over.

I am not the primary GEMPAK support contact in Unidata; that would be Michael 
I have, however, helped a number of folks out with their GEMPAK 

> As for mcidas on weather, I keep screwing up somewhere in the config.

The new weather?

> Though I think I
> have the compile/install down now.  Just the config scripts.  I can't 
> remember if I set
> on climate using the SQL server or not, I am not versed in MySQL cause I've 
> never had to
> set up a database though when things settle down with all the moves and 
> upgrades I
> intend on learning it.

To my mind the question to ask is if Paul is using model data in McIDAS at all.
If not, I wouldn't bother setting up GRID/GRIB processing.

Aside: GRID processing in McIDAS results in McIDAS GRInnnnn files being 
created, and
it does not involve MySQL at all.  GRIB processing, on the other hand, does not 
in GRInnnnn files being created.  It writes GRIB messages to disk and stores 
metadata in MySQL.

> So might have you run through a config with me, but I'll get the
> install done again.

OK.  Like I said above, I am logged onto the new climate and am reviewing
the setup from the ground.  The first thing I always do AND recommend is
that one get the environment correct first.

> So does the 3.65 machine look up and ready to work?

Not just yet.

> When your in Chicago sometime I owe you like a drink or something :)

Thanks.  If I were to collect on all of the beers that I have been
promised over the years, I would have to reserve a room in the Betty
Ford Clinic :-)

> Aha, found something that never got to because mcxconfig crashed because of a 
> config I
> did wrong so I never got through the whole process.  Some of the steps of 
> integrating
> ldm were not fully established and files are missing out of the ~ldm/util.  
> What I think
> I did was try to run grib and grid and don't have MySQL server set up yet.

GRID decoding works without MySQL; GRIB decoding does not.


- did you build McIDAS with the MySQL option enabled?

  If yes, did you do this on the new climate or the new weather or both?

> Going to run
> mcxconfig again and go through the same steps I just did on weather.

So you worked on the new weather first?  I'm just trying to get my thinking
straight of what has been done and what potentially needs tweaking.


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