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[McIDAS #PHI-264710]: LWU

Hi Mary Ellen,

> Happy New Year!

The same back atcha :-)

> Hope you had a great holiday and restful break! We're starting to enjoy
> a bit of winter cold here in NC. Frost is making everyone cranky around
> here :)

Yes, the holiday season was very nice.  Things would have been better if
we had gotten some significant snow, however -- it is incredibly dry in
Colorado, and that does not bode well for the summer fire season.

> I am combining two datasets of MSG raw data, one from EUMETSAT and one
> from NESDIS. EUMETSAT names their files at the end of the scan time and
> NESDIS names their files at the start of the scan time.
> Historically we have run imgremap for our areas of interest and then
> used LWU POKE to modify the scan time (section 4) on the EUMETSAT remap
> files to be consistent with the NESDIS remapped files, leaving the raw
> data file names/times unchanged.

Do you mean that you IMGREMAPped both kinds of images, or did you IMGREMAP
one only?

> Now that our dataset has been filled in we'd like to modify the raw data
> files to be consistently named as it no longer matters which source they
> are from. However, when I complete a LWU LIST on a raw EUMETSAT file the
> values in the header do not contain "readable" or what looks to me as
> "usable" values. Therefore, any POKE would be incorrect.

I will guess that the EUMETSAT images have not been remapped, or they
were remapped on a system that has a different architecture than the
machine you are running LWU on (big-endian vs little-endian).  And, yes,
if the endianess of the image is different from the system on which
you are running LWU, the values listed will look very odd.

> The data from EUMETSAT is in AREA file format so I'm a bit surprised by
> this. Any thoughts?

I would guess that the EUMESTAT images were created on a system with
a different endianess than your system.


- if you create an ADDE dataset that includes just the EUMETSAT images,
  does IMGLIST list out reasonable values?

  If yes, my conjecture above is correct, and the "solution" is to
  use IMGCOPY to copy the EUMETSAT images into ones whose endianess
  match the system you are working on.

> Thanks so much,

No worries.


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