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[McIDAS #RDR-211897]: Mcidas build on Fedora 16

Hi Bill,

> Yes, that did it.  We're running.


> I missed the first quote mark on the first edit, but
> corrected.  So, I guess tk is now good for all Linux.

It will as soon as I create and release an addendum that contains the
code change in 'tclcomp.sh'.

> Guess I'll move on to CentOs this afternoon.

Sounds good.

> Gnome 3 has, deeply buried, a way to partially devolve back into something 
> similar to
> Gnome 2 in it's desktop.  Unfortunately, it doesn't make it.

I agree with the "doesn't make it" sentiment.  I had to run in the 
compatibility mode
in my Fedora 15 VM, and, while it worked, it was not an environment I want to 
in for any length of time (set in my ways, I guess).

> Always being of the Jerry
> Pournelle mindset from the 1980's ("better is the enemy of good enough"), I 
> would stick
> with this as-is simply to alleviate any need of further assistance.  Except 
> Fedora still
> hasn't corrected desktop stuff that's broke.

Since CentOS is RedHat Enterprise, and Fedora is the development track for what
will eventually become RedHat Enterprise, I would not expect corrected desktop 
in CentOS.

> Just as an aside, one of my previous complaints about Fedora (and maybe 
> CentOs for all I
> know) was the desktop's treatment of the clipboard--arcane but important to 
> me.  I use
> the AMS online education module for intro meteorology, and it's delivered 
> through a
> miserable tool called Blackboard.  Students submit text files, edited with 
> whatever
> editor they have on their own machines...copies of the master files are 
> distributed to
> students as .txt and .doc files.  When they turn in assignments, I 
> cut-and-paste their
> work into a window in Blackboard that goes directly to their grade cell.  
> Well, if they
> used Word, I end up using the OSF document writer (now Cuba Libre or 
> something), and the
> select-and-copy text on the clipboard is wiped out if you exit the word 
> processor...this
> is a known bug since at least Fedora 6 and it has been discussed on their bug 
> report
> site.  It is still  unfixed in Fedora 16.  It's minor, but on a laptop a 
> thousand miles
> from home late at night editing student work, it's an irritation.  A 
> documented bug, 10
> releases and maybe 10 years later. And they changed the desktop and it's 
> still there
> today.

Thanks for the explanation of the desktop bug you have run into; I now get a
better picture of what you are attempting to do and what is not working.


- does the problem go away if you run from Windows?

  The only reason I ask goes back to my current working environment:

  Windows 7 64-big host
  CentOS 6.2 x86_64 VMware virtual machine

  I take advantage of what works best in each environment and switch back
  and forth with a single mouse click.  I can cut from one environment
  and past into the other (since I installed VMware Tools in my CentOS
  VM (free and easy)).

  I run MS Office, the IDV, RAMADDA, THREDDS, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  and Thunderbird in Win 7, and McIDAS, Libre Office, Firefox and
  Thunderbird in CentOS.

> Anyway, you'll hear from me probably too soon as I attempt to cripple CentOs 
> too.

After your experience with Fedora 16, CentOS should be a piece of cake :-)

> Thanks again, always a pleasure to get your support.  And you really need to 
> stop
> working Sundays.  I'm semi-retired and my children and grand children live on 
> opposite
> coasts, so I have an excuse.

Thanks for the kind words!

Just so you know, I happened to be working on some UCAR Africa Initiative stuff 
afternoon/evening when I saw your email.  As soon as I saw the link line for 
'mcwish' in 
the makelog snippit you sent, I realized what the problem was, hence my reply.

Take care...


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