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[McIDAS #RJO-596744]: installing mcidas

Hi Sepideh,

re: installing McIDAS on your Linux machine
> thanks for your answer,

No worries.

> is there any special note on how to make the account?

All versions of Linux contain graphical interfaces that allow one to
add users and groups to the system.  What the tool is named/how you
get to it will, of course, depend on which Linux distribution you
are running.  Also, all user account-related activities will need to
be made by 'root', so this is typically a system administrator function.

To be a bit more specific about how you should go about creating the
'mcidas' and 'mcadde' users, we recommend:

- a HOME directory of /home/mcidas

- which shell you decided to use (e.g., C shell, TC shell, bash, etc.)
  is up to you

- we recommend that one use the Gnome window environment, not KDE.
  The reason for this is that we have seen problems in running McIDAS
  under KDE over the years.  The situation has improved a great deal,
  but we occasionally run into a user whose problems are directly
  related to running under KDE

- we strongly recommend that the HOME directory for 'mcadde' be
  the same as for the user 'mcidas', /home/mcidas

- we strongly recommend that the user 'mcadde' does NOT have a login

  For instance, under RedHat/Fedora/CentOS Linux, the shell for the
  user 'mcadde' would be specified as /sbin/nologin.  The graphical
  tool through which 'root' can setup a user's account has an option
  for specifying this.

The particulars of setting up the 'mcidas' account are available in the
online Unidata McIDAS User's Guide:

Unidata HomePage:
    Unidata McIDAS Users Guide

The first section of the Users Guide concerns installing McIDAS on a Unix/Linux
machine.  It contains specific instructions for configuring the 'mcidas' 
so it is the place to start reading when embarking on a new installation.


- are you going to be the system administrator for your Linux machine?

- is your machine accessible over the Internet?

- is your machine at UC Irvine, or is it a personal machine?


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